Girls Don’t Sit Like That

So I met this person at New Year’s Party at my Friend’s place
and Out of being nice, I bid him a Hello!
And then, continued to groove like any other party animal would do
I saw him waving at me again, with his eyebrows raised
I asked him, What is bothering you man?
Watch it! He Said. Now I had a Question Mark on my Face.
This! He said, and I again looked at him with a ?
This you Idiot! He pointed out the way I was dancing
Girls don’t dance like this, Watch your Moves. Dance Like a Lady Does.
I smiled and left the place.

I maintained a healthy distance from him then,
and moved towards the Bar Counter on the side of the dance floor
As I stood there relishing the fine taste of my Talisker 18
I saw him approachin me again with Questioning Eyes
What do you think you are drinking? He asked Me
Ah! Talisker, Would you like to have some?
Girls don’t drink whiskey, Leave that Glass. Drink like a Lady Does.
Awkward! Like Seriously, Which Law in India decides what a girl can drink.

Enough for me to handle, I looked for a Place to Sit
And as I looked, I found this perfect spot and I marched towards the bean bag.
As I removed my heels, and made myself comfortable
He was again in front of me, Yes! You are right.
Once again with questionable eyes, which were seeking an answer from me.
What Do you want from me Man? Go get a life. I was visibly angry.
Ssh! Girls don’t shout out loud, and moreover, Watch your Legs
Now what with my legs? I wanted an answer now
Girls don’t sit like that, don’t cross your legs, and sit like a lady

Well! I had to accept my defeat. Because Surely, somewhere, there are stereotypes.
And the bar is set so high. Everything that a girl does, has a predefined standard.
I mean, How I Sit, How I Eat, How I walk, How I talk, How I Dress,
Yes! Society has stereotypes set for everyting.
But Guys, we live in 2019! Can we please put aside Gender Stereotyping
And Accept the way we are, rather than Just prescibing standard about how we should Be?

Bra Straps

I  hate it when people are like, Oh! I can see your bra strap. I mean, Yes I am a woman. Yes I wear a bra. Yes it has straps. Yes they might show sometimes. 
Now, what do you think was indecent in this?
Its just as basic as any other piece of cloth you wear. Showing up a strap is not a sign of boldness. But making a scene out of it, like dfaq! Your straps are visible is a sick mentality.

I mean really? It feels like, I have put on something illegal, which needs to be hidden.
No one can know that I, a teenage girl, is wearing a bra. Whenever someone does that to me, I really wanna slam that person that Hey? Did i just appoint you as a Body scanner? I mean I can hardly recollect if I did that.

I mean why does it even bother you?
Oh wait? Did you just breathe?
Fuck! That bothered me. Now i understand, how it feels when something bothers you.
Okay, lets come to a mutual agreement,
You stop breathing and I won’t let it slip and do a show.?

Deal done?
See, the conclusion here is, I am a girl, and just as any other piece of clothing, Bras are essential.
So, if you are sexualising me, you are the problem and not the bra strap.